Sunday, March 16, 2008

3-20-08 Moving Day

We will be moving this Thursday to how HUGE HOUSE... OK I am kidding but it is a house so we will still have a yard, garage, shed and a basement.... non smoking, pet... exactly the things we were looking for when looking to rent something.

Here is a picture of the house

If you want the address you will have to email (or hopefully I will email it to everybody that I have) As I really don't want to put my new address for the whole world to see :)

Oh and if you are doing nothing else and would like to help, we are started to load the truck Thursday morning around 8:30/9am (we would love any extra help!)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

News News News News News

Ok 1st- sorry for not keeping up my blogs.. life really has been way to busy and I haven't spent a ton of time online.

2nd- Mia turned 5 on Feb 21st- So happy late B-day to her (yes we did celebrate- and I do have pictures so maybe I will have to add some)

3rd- I will eventually get caught up on my other blog with pictures... I really wanted to keep that going... but as you can tell that hasn't worked in my favor... (so I might just start and forget the whole month of Feb)

4th- We should be moved in somewhere in lincoln by the end of the month

5th- I guess I should say WE SOLD OUR HOUSE! ok well we have to wait until everything goes through but we signed the purchase agreement so it should be sold! We are suppose to finalise March 28th!