Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pictures from saturday

Mia hanging upside down on a swing... she thinks it would be fun to take the picture this way

Mia had been playing so much... her feet got this dirty... gross!

This is what happens when you tell Maylee to smile.....

Now she decided to peek through her hands... and try to be cute!

Finally some pictures.... zoo

Friday, July 11, 2008

Movie and a Surprise

We decided to go watch a movie as a family tonight.... Journey to the Center of the World.. which we all liked! We went at 5 so we saved a few dollars by going early! I will watch the movie again... Mike said he wouldn't go to the theatre to watch it again... but would watch it again. The girls watched it the whole time... there are a few moments that freaked them out... but that is OK.

We pull up in the drive way and we have a package on our porch... I asked Mike what the heck I didn't order anything. He gets up there and reads the package.. it is from Omaha Steak... from out wonderful landlords. They thanked us for keeping the house kept up.. aren't they the greatest. So we open it and we got chicken breast... they are so fun (individually wrapped) and thankfully that is one meat both of my girls will eat! Yes I am bragging about my landlords.. I couldn't have asked for anything better!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Late again

First off... I should be back to posting again. My laptop has been really stupid and slow (it would shut off every 5 minutes. Second... I have the best husband ever.. it bought me a new computer :) And it is way faster then the laptop... I love technology!

Happy late 4th... Hope everybody had a safe and happy one. I actually didn't take one picture (I know what a sad mom) but it is all good... my kids won't hate me forever. And the fact that my laptop was stupid I couldn't clean off my disk... but we are now back in business... so once the girls let me when will be doing pictures.

Also happy 4th birthday to my niece (on the 7th)... wish you were closer so i could spoil you. Alexa will actually be visiting the end of the month... so I guess I will spoil her then :)

Once I get the computer cleaned I will start posted more pictures again.

Oh yeah I can't forget Nolan... my new nephew. He was born on July 4th! Mom and Nolan are doing great! (Mike's older brother Ray's family). I went and took some pictures and am making the birth announcement... if I get permission I will post it.

Have a great week everybody!