Friday, June 13, 2008

Where do I start?

Well first off... it is June... can you all believe that?

Second... our anniversary was fun! We got rid of the kids by 3 and had the whole evening to ourself. Then went to church... and of course everybody asked where the girls are... I mean hello I came doesn't that count too? :) Mike had to go home teaching... so we did that after church and finally made it to my moms at 6 or 7 at nice... we had a great time!

Third.. in case you hadn't heard... somebody is excepting

Fourth and it isn't me... but it seems everybody around me is getting pregnant! I love babies so I can't wait to hold all of yours :)

Fifth- My computer is dumb and once we (I) get the house together... you see I am having a garage sale the end on June and have to get through all of our stuff... so in a week or two I will be a new computer to work well with me! I guess with all the software and pictures I think I need I take up a lot of space. But once I do get the new computer I will be doing things way different.

Sixth- Mike is done with his first semester at UNL.. and is going through the summer. It is tech a Jr.. since he does have some schooling from a few years ago.. but he tells me all the time is the the oldest at school :) 27 years old and being the oldest... there is something wrong here. Oh talking about that... at volleyball one week we lined up by age... guess what I was the oldest there by 6 months... your kidding right 27 is not suppose to be the old one.... but as long as I feel young that is what matters!!!

7th- HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the DAD's out there! Hope you all have a great day!!

8th- Talking about being the "old" one... I had a niece graduate from High school in May (she is Mike's oldest sister's daughter). He was really fun! They had the open house at a hotel and everybody got to go swimming! It was really different that way... so made it more fun! They also had a keg!.... a keg of root beer, duh!

9th- Mothers day has also come and gone.. so hopefully all the mothers had a wonderful day! My family spoiled me with their love! (we just bought a new bed.. which I really wanted... so that was my gift!... and yes I am ok with that)

10th- If anybody has nothing better to do.. call us up and came on over! The girls love to have company! Even though the house is "smaller" we also have room for others!

I guess I will stop with 10... I could go on and on forever but won't bore you longer!
We are off to the zoo tomorrow... but I am not bringing my camera this time... but I will next time! So no pictures! I will post something next week... so you all will have something to look forward too :)

Have a great weekend!