Monday, February 8, 2010

Still have candy canes?

I had come across a link where you bake the candy canes in the shape of a heart.. we tried that.. and well they break easy.

So I found this link:

What a fun idea.. and way easy.

We are making them for V-day gifts... though Mia will be making something else for class since you can't bring homemade stuff :(

This is how ours turned out... more to make in the next couple of days :)
(it posted funny.. the pictures are first)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Who likes to sew?

I think I found the apron I want... does anybody want to make it for me?  Maybe one of these I will try myself :)  Until then... one of my resolutions is to learn how to sew... be on the look out for things I make throughout the year :)

Quoted from


Sew, Heather, Sew!

Let the deluge begin… For that “Come hither, while I bake us some cookies” look, how about a sexy halter apron? Here’s a pattern I have in the works. And, remarkably, it looks fantastic on a variety of body types, so I won't have to grade the pattern -- yay!

I’m amassing a number of designs before hunting out a printer. However, I’m not up to waiting until they’re printed before sharing. All I do these days is eat, sleep, sew and change diapers. Throw in a number of trips around the world to Elijah’s school and a bit of blogging and you’ve got a pretty accurate view of my life, at least for the next few weeks (prepping for Quilt Market).

You see, my fabric is in. My fabric is in! I’ll post the whole stack this week. Meanwhile, cheer me on, “Sew, Heather, sew!”