Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Before and After Hair Cuts!

This is Maylee's first hair cut! Her hair has been way to fun and I didn't want to cut it because I was afraid her curls would go away!

Here are the befores:


After: I am so cute!

Now for Mia, this isn't her first hair cut so she knew what she was getting. I pretty much just trimmed it so it lays straight and looks nice.


After: Yes I know I am the cutest! Of course I had my mom blow dry my hair so it really looks it's best! I love my hair!!!

That is all of the hair cuts in the house. Oh and please don't mind the wonderful bath tub and toys in the background on the pictures (which I am sure you didn't see since you were focusing on my girls, right).

Mia sleeping

Now who can fall asleep like this? Well at least Mia can... she stayed that way for an hour or more. She loves her Dora, so Dora got the privilege to sleep like that too.

Oh and Mia is also sporting my first crocheted hat, isn't it cute!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Branch

I guess I never came back to tell you all about our branch. First of all I want to say all of them introduced themselves and were really nice. I don't know about you but in many wards you are lucky if one or maybe 2 families say something to you (ok there are better days I am sure... and I am one to blame too). Anyway they are all great people and we felt right at home!

But it was a little different than I was used to. We meet in a basement of a design building. Even though we weren't setting in a "real" church you felt the spirit and it was great. There a few of 5 year old girls, so Mia fits in pretty well as she will be 5 in feb. But Maylee is the youngest.. so she is the nursery. So she gets to spend alot of time with mom and dad... so if we ever go to a ward with a nursery... she probably won't want to go. But it went smooth and Mia is ready to go back! So anybody that would like to visit one sunday let me know and I will tell you how to get there!!

But don't worry.. it isn't like we won't see anybody. Everybody is always welcome here at the Tarver house. So invite youself if you haven't been invited already!

Halloween Cuties