Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moved In

With the help of many (Thank You) we have been moved in. I didn't realize how much stuff I had accumulated through the years! I have given myself the month of April to go through it all and have a garage sale.

The girls share a room (which they didn't before)... and really have taken it well. I thought there would be problems but after a few nights they think it is the way it is suppose to be. My plan is to have the upstairs the more "quite" area. Their room is for sleeping and reading books... all toys are downstairs or out on the back porch.

Our landlords are great!!! We have heard stories of not so good ones and were really worried aobut that. But I think we have be spoiled so it will hard if we move again!

More updates later!! I finally got the internet and am back on track there :)

One more thing... April 19 is Mike and I's wedding Anniversary... 6 great years!!! I am trying to think of something really fun... if you got ideas I would gladly take them!!! (I believe my mom will be taking the girls around 4:30 and I will pick them up after church the next day... I LOVE MY MOM).

If you have questions post them...