Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby Shower

I decided I was going to make some stuff for the baby shower I had went too. I did enjoy making it and made it feel more personal then just buying something.

I made a wipe cover w/ matching burp cloth

And I also made another burp cloth and leg warmers... it was fun :)


Marisa said...

very cute, I'm impressed

Nicole said...

Super cute! How did you make the leg warmers?

Wilkerson Family said...

really cute. I like the fabric you used.

Tarver Family said...

Why thank you :) I too am impressed with myself.. I don't seem to ever get the result I am looking for and I am finally able too.. I guess practice does make.. well almost perfect :) (the fabric ended up being a "fat quarter" from walmart for 25 cents... I was impressed with that alone :)
The leg warmers are girls knee highs, you cut a few things and sew them. I will try to find the link that I once saw them on.. oh I just found it: